System Stability & Monitoring
Modern devOps and monitoring tools are used during the development & delivery proccess. It allow us to achieve the transparent and robust control of the complex distributed systems.
Product Development & Delivery
Full projects livecycle from application design to delivery. «BDG» does market research, projects design, runs performance tests and selects suitable DLT platforms based on the technical requirements.
Blockchain Professionals
System Architects and Blockchain\Smart Contract Developers with practical experience in cryptography, high-load systems and decentralized applications. «BDG» team the official experts for ICORating security audits.
Business & Technical Consultancy
Experienced analytics and subject matters from the different industries: financial & payments technologies, energetics & solar systems, logistics, game-development, telecom and IoT.

«BDG» - Center of Excellence

«BDG» is a leading provider of services for the development and maintenance of secure, high-loaded, multifunctional solutions on the new generation technology of decentralized systems. The main activities of the company are research and development on the field of DTL\Blockchain applications. Our team focuse on the practical use cases for such markets as financial, healthcare, internet of things, travel and other. «BDG» experts successfuly completed a lot of different projects in payment (EMV Javacard, POS Terminals, NFC) and transportation(Smartcards: Mifare 1k, 4k) industries. We completed and integrated services based on Ripple, VISA, MasterCard, China Union Pay.

«BDG» does joint research with scientists from Universities on Blockchain, AI, Computer Vision, Cybersecurity and BigData technologies. For SmartContact developers «BDG» provides consulting service and technical audits. Our company performs work package for the development of applications for Blockchain from the preparation of technical documentation up to project initiation.

Blockchain & DLT
  • Ethereum
  • Hyperledger Fabric
  • SawtoothLake
  • Indy/Sovrin
  • IOTA
  • R3 Corda
  • BigchainDB, etc.
Application Security
  • Encryption
  • Hash
  • ZKP
  • PKI
Mathematic Science
  • Graphs
  • Probability theory
  • Mathematical statistic
Technologies & Frameworks
  • Solidity
  • Java/Scala
  • C/C++
  • EDA
  • SOA
  • Microservices
Payments Technologies
  • Global Platform & EMV Javacard
  • NFC, HCE & mobile payments
  • POS Terminals

Development and Research

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